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Long Lost Friends: Sock Puppet Pals

Letterhead Stationary

Long Lost Friends: Sock Puppet Pals, a made up company to support young children who are kept hospitalized due to underlying health conditions. By donating a sock, we create sock puppets based on a Childs drawing. each sock is then handcrafted with love and personality. Our team of hospital volunteers will then visit a child to perform funny skits, jokes, and tricks with their Long Lost Friend.  

Initial sketch

Final vector logo

Black and White logo

Scanned Document 122-page-1_edited.png
SPP stationary logo.png
SPP stationary logo 2.png
8.5x11 BW logo.jpg

Fonts used - VAG rounded thin 

The letterhead Stationary features vector illustrations for each sock puppet pal. Each sock puppet is handcrafted with love and its distinctive feature of the button can be seen as the pattern for the back of the letterhead and interior envelope. The business card presents the name of the president that is in charge of Long Lost Friends, phone number, president's website, location, and company website. different logos featuring the main 3 characters with handcrafted type.

illustrator mockup.jpg

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