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The Amazing Mona May SPD Spreads 

Advanced Typography 

Mona May is known as the queen of 90’s fashion. She is an icon that brought her designs to the big screen in movies including Clueless, Enchanted, and Stuart Little 2. This magazine article tells of her early life up until how she started designing fashion costumes. Remember the iconic yellow plaid dress Cher wore in Clueless, Iconic huh! The image making uses experimental watercolor and line art technique to give that pop of color Mona May would enjoy. The combination of colorful watercolor and the addition of her name in collage Mona May in various of colors, sizes and width creating the aesthetic of illustrations to pop out. The line in yellow needs work. 

The magazine spreads feature illustrative characters from well know movies such as Clueless, Enchanted, and Stuart little 2, all painted in watercolor. For the front and inside spreads you can see a collage of handwritten Mona May. The wavy type give a bit of motion to draw attention towards the illustrations.

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